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There is no other breed like an Italian greyhound. They are extremely affectionate and can be very needy. Almost demanding in their need to be with their owners. They can be very delicate and can break a leg quite easily until they reach about 18 months of age. Because of their long leg bones they are very susceptible to front leg breaks. Constant management of physical activity is necessary. No jumping off of furniture or out of their owners arms. We were taught the “proper” way to hold an IG many years ago and we teach or buyers how to do it as well. Some Italian greyhounds do very well with children, others do not. The most important thing when you have young children and IGs is not let your child carry the pup around. Ask any person who owns one and they will tell you that this breed is notoriously hard to house train. I teach my pups to go in a litter box with wood pellets before they leave here. They are smart little things and can be trained in obedience, rally and agility. They love to run and some do very well racing both straight and oval races. 

As in all dogs there can be a great deal of difference between energy levels. We’ve had some dogs who are born snugly couch potatoes and others who can’t stand to lay down unless they’re sleeping. Your breeder should be able to point you in the right direction for the temperament most suitable for your lifestyle. Regardless of colour or sex, the most important part of owning a dog is enjoying it’s outlook on life. If you love to walk and investigate things, you won’t be happy with a dog who’s greatest level of exercise is walking to the food dish. By the same token, you don’t want a high level dog who has two speeds – fast and sleep- if all you want to do is sit and watch tv on your off time. The colour won’t matter if you can’t stand the dog’s attitude and personality. A good breeder will help you choose the proper puppy. Dogs are to be enjoyed not “put up with”. We will do our very best to ensure you take home a puppy or a dog that will stay in your heart forever.



Our Italian Greyhounds



CH Celtic Uwharrie Oh That Time



CH Rhamah Rythm’s Stargazer

CH Rhamah Rythm Believe It Or Not - Ripley

CH Rhamah Rythm Believe It Or Not - Ripley

This is Ripley, the dam of our current litter.

Rythm’s Thongbird - Stevie

Rythm’s Thongbird - Stevie

CAN CH Celtic Uwharrie Oh That Time - Crystal - BOW IGCC BOW

CAN CH Celtic Uwharrie Oh That Time - Crystal - BOW IGCC BOW


Testimonials coming soon. We’ve been breeding for nearly 30 years and have many many happy puppy families.
— Gail
Another happy puppy.
— Gail


Why raw?

Over the years we have seen more and more health problems arise in dogs which resulted in our decision to change our feeding regime. Our dogs eat raw meat, meaty bones and vegetables when they will accept them.


Years ago our parents fed their dogs from the table, and our dogs likely eat better than their human companions!!! Their skin is clear, their teeth are clean and their digestive systems are healthy and sound.


The decision to feed raw should not be taken lightly. Educate yourself before you take the plunge. Our puppy people have our complete support and there are sites where you can get good health information.

About Me


I’m a member in good standing of the Canadian Kennel Club, the Italian Greyhound Club of American, The Italian Greyhound Club of Canada (Ontario Director), the Belleville & District Kennel Club where I’ve held the position of club secretary for the last 20 or more years. I’ve bred Collies, Shetland Sheepdogs and now Italian Greyhounds over the last 29 years. I’ve shown in Conformation, Obedience and Agility as well as




Litter for 2019. Two red males, 1 red female and a red and white wild irish marked female. One of the females is spoken for at this point. We are unsure which one it will be. Drop us an email if you are interested. At gail@rythm.ca


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